What if security could make you go faster?

People ask, how much security do I need? Like with a car, brakes are not designed to make you stand still, they are designed to allow you to drive fast. Curious?

A new Risk Advisory firm in town

Starting a Risk Advisory firm that gives equal attention to the opportunities of risk has been my motivation to start Upside of Risk. Too often security risk management is seen as a restrictive, costly necessity which at best reduces risk or addresses regulatory compliance. But what about the strategic value of your risk management approach, when risk powers your ability to perform? When security supports or eventually becomes the business? Overlooked. But not for long.

My consultancy style is one of asking the right questions. I would like to use the sports metaphor. A good coach will bring out the best and let you win. And yes, if you don’t win you can always blame the coach.

One of the fascinations is security and resilience in the Extended Enterprise. In an ever more networked society and business environment, security and risk management goes beyond the legal entity. Security of the value chain, or security by proxy if you like.


Interests and expertise falls in the following broad domains:

Security governance | Security by design | Research | Strategist | Training

  • Strategy Sprint. Together we analyze the current status and potential value add of your security setup, draw the strategy and business case and present to the decision makers.
  • Security Policy workshop. By interviewing the stakeholders and studying prevailing processes we come with a shared policy.
  • Coaching and consultation for every security management professional, from student till almost retired and everything in between.
  • As a knowledge broker I would like to introduce you to the available technology  and help to define objectives, select the provider and ultimately support the implementation of what could become the ticking heart of your risk management approach.
  • Resilience and crisis management advice, setup and simulation.
  • Security as a Service. Too small for a fulltime Head of Security but too important to have none?
  • Operational security advise that balances proportionality, robustness and ownership. Yes, we do audits to.

What if security could make your career go faster?

Upside of Risk regularly organizes ASIS International CPP preparation courses. Intake, personalized study plan, five (CPP) evening classes and take and pass the exam whenever you’re ready.

More info: CPP preparation course Evening

CPP Spring 2019. Utrecht, the Netherlands

  • Thu April 4
  • Thu April 18
  • Thu May 9
  • Thu May 23
  • Thu June 6 (exam training)

Do you know you can also register for the exam training separately or organize an inhouse CPP or PSP preparation course for your organization?


You can contact me at +31 6 411 955 96 or send an email.

I am based in Utrecht and registered at the Chambre of Commerce.